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About Texas Two Step Prediction software

This software will display the numbers that are compatible with those numbers by selecting the two expected numbers.

[Texas Two Step Prediction software(free tool)]

The content of the program is to extract what the other numbers were in the drawing with the two numbers selected. And count the number of times.

And check the compatibility between the two numbers you selected and the other numbers.

As a result, display Next One Prediction at the top.

Next One Prediction displays the two expected numbers you have selected and the top two numbers that are compatible with those numbers.

However, if the number of appearances of the second and fhird numbers with good compatibility is the same, the second is displayed as Next One Prediction.

Whether the numbers with the same number of appearances are displayed in the 2nd or 3rd is only in accordance with the rules for rearranging the program.

Therefore, when using the Next One Prediction, please make a judgment based on the total number of appearances.

The result will change considerably depending on the range of past drawings. If you can not limit the number to 2, please change the range of past drawings.

How to use Texas Two Step Prediction software

This software is easy to use.

First, browse "Texas Two Step winning numbers past 100 chart" and predict the two numbers yourself.

[Texas Two Step winning numbers past 100 chart]

Then, just select the expected two numbers, select the range of past drawings, and press the "Prediction" button.

Texas Two Step software

For example, if you select 15 and 33, set the target range to the last 500 times, and press the "Prediction" button, the following will be displayed.

Texas Two Step example

In the screenshot above, in the last 500 data, when 15 comes out, 1 means 12 times, 19 means 7 times and 29 means 6 times.

Also, when 33 comes out, it means that 1 comes out 6 times, 19 comes out 10 times and 29 comes out 9 times.

(* Bonus Ball number is not checked.)

This software is not a perfect prediction software because you have to predict the two numbers yourself using "Texas Two Step winning numbers past 100 chart".

However, you can only predict the next two numbers to come out and the rest of the numbers can rely on past occurrence probabilities.

The number of times a number appears depends on the range of past data, so please compare the data with the latest 100 times, the latest 200 times, and the latest 500 times.

(* All data are from May 13, 2001.)

It is a software that checks the compatibility between two numbers that you expected by yourself until you get tired and other numbers.

Therefore, it can be said that it is a prediction support software, but I think that the probability of hitting is higher than it is by looking only at "Texas Two Step winning numbers past 100 chart".

Analysis button

An analysis button was added on September 27, 2022.

When you click the analysis button, you can check the compatibility of each selected number with other numbers with the same settings as when making a prediction.


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