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Source of lottery data

This website and Android app are run by an individual as a hobby. This is not the official website or authorized website for each country's lottery.

This website and Android app source lottery data from public lottery sites, but is not affiliated with any public organization.

The lottery data cited is the winning numbers, date, and times. Only in Japan, the winning amount of each award is also quoted.

Listed below are lottery sites from each country that quote lottery data.

New York Lottery, Florida Lottery, California Lottery, Texas Lottery, Kansas Lottery

Eurojackpot, UK National Lottery, Vikinglotto, Irish National Lottery, SuperEnalotto, WestLotto(Germany), elGordo(Spain), Swisslos, FDJ(France)

CAIXA Lotteries(Brazil), Mexico's National Lottery

Lotterywest(Australia), Lotto New Zealand

Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, Sports Toto Malaysia, Magnum(Malaysia), Singapore Pools, Vietlott(Vietnam)

Emirates Draw(UAE), Mahzooz(UAE), O!Millionaire(Oman), Lotto India

Ithuba National Lottery(South Africa), Mylotto Kenya, National Lottery Nigeria

台灣彩券(Taiwan), HKJC Lotteries(Hong Kong), DongHang Lottery(South Korea), Mizuho Bank(Japan)

Prediction software and charts are meant to help you make predictions. This is not a guarantee of lottery winnings or a recommendation to purchase lottery tickets.

Please purchase lottery tickets at your own risk.

Also, please do not make final judgments on the results based on the winning numbers posted on this site, and do not throw away your lottery tickets; instead, please check the information provided by the lottery organizer.

This site is not responsible for any damages caused by this site. Thank you for your understanding.

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