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Update information

Last Updated: 2024-05-21 (Tuesday)

RECENT RESULT: 19,28,58,67,69,71

Almost all data update is being performed manually after 22:00 of draw date Tuesday, Friday (JST).

* The update time is Japan Standard Time (JST). IST (Indian Standard Time) = JST-3:30.

An update becomes slow by convenience. Please wait a moment patiently in that case.


This software only selects three expected numbers, checks the number of appearances of other numbers when those numbers appear, and checks compatibility with other numbers.

[How to use Lotto India Prediction software]

Select Three Numbers


Please select three expected numbers. (the numbers 1-75)

Lotto India winning numbers past 100 chart is useful when predicting three numbers.

[Lotto India winning numbers past 100 chart]

The target of Past Drawings

Please select the range of past data to be targeted. (All data are from February 6, 2024.)

If the processing is slow, please reduce the number of draws.


When you press the Predict button, the result will be displayed in the area directly below. (* If you press the Analysis button, the results will be displayed in the area below one more.)

* This software is checking the compatibility with other numbers for each of the two expected numbers selected. If there are two expected numbers in the same drawing, the total number will be added twice.

When you press the Analysis button, the result will be displayed in the area directly below. (* The analysis mode checks the compatibility of each selected number with other numbers.)

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