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* Updated: Friday (GST)

* Due to the time difference, I am sleeping during the draw time in UAE, so the data is updated after 8:00 Japan Standard Time (JST). GST (Gulf Standard Time) = JST-5.

This chart is the past results of the winning numbers of the UAE lottery "Fantastic Friday". This coloring chart is the results history of the past 100 times.

* This is the chart of the last 100 times, but currently it has not reached the total of 100 times.

This website is run by an individual as a hobby.

Prediction software and charts are meant to help you make predictions.

Purchase lottery tickets at your own risk.

When drawing speed is slow because there are a lot of amounts of data in 100 times of past, please use a chart in 50 times of past.

[Fantastic Friday winning numbers past 50 chart]

There are also charts of UAE Lotto Emirates Draw MEGA7 and Emirates Draw EASY6.

[Emirates Draw MEGA7 winning numbers past 100 chart]

[Emirates Draw EASY6 winning numbers past 100 chart]

[Fantastic Friday Prediction software(free tool)]

* This software is a web application. No installation required, you can use it immediately on your PC or smartphone. There is also an Android app version.

* The UAE lottery Fantastic Friday has ended on March 3, 2023.

Last Updated: 2023-03-03 (Friday)

Gray : Date / Red : Main number

When becoming too small screen when judging a chart from smart phone and a tablet, try make the screen of smart phone and a tablet sideways and expand.

Almost all data update is being performed manually after 8:00 of draw date Saturday (Japan Standard Time). An update becomes slow by convenience. Please wait a moment patiently in that case.

* Due to the time difference, I am sleeping during the draw time in United Arab Emirates, so the data is updated after 8:00 Japan Standard Time.

This website is operated by an individual for hobby purposes.

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