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About UAE Emirates Draw MEGA7(Old system) Prediction software

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Prediction software and charts are meant to help you make predictions.

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* From March 12, 2023, the MEGA7 system was changed to a format in which 7 numbers are selected from 37 numbers.

This page is how to use the old system until March 6, 2023.

Please see below for how to use the new system from March 12, 2023. Click here.

This software allows the user to simply select one number as the axis and press the "Predict" button to display the numbers that are compatible with that number in order.

The program counts the number of drawings in which the number chosen as the axis is selected and the number of drawings in which the other numbers are selected.

The program then examines the compatibility between the number chosen as the axis and the other numbers.

As a result, display Next One Prediction at the top.

In the Next One Prediction, the predicted number selected as the axis number and the number that goes well with that number are displayed.

However, if the first and second numbers have the same number of occurrences, the first number is displayed as Next One Prediction.

Whether the numbers with the same number of occurrences are displayed as the first or the second is simply a matter of following the program's sorting rules, so when using Next One Prediction, please be sure to look at the total number of occurrences as well before making your decision.

The number of draws to be targeted will considerably change the results, so if you are unable to narrow down the numbers, you may want to try changing the number of draws to be targeted.

How to use UAE Emirates Draw MEGA7 Prediction software

This software is easy to use.

First, browse "UAE Emirates Draw MEGA7 winning numbers past 100 chart" and predict the one number yourself.

[UAE Emirates Draw MEGA7 winning numbers past 100 chart]

Then, just select the expected one number, select the range of past drawings, and press the "Predict" button.

MEGA7 software

For example, if you set the 2nd number "9" as the axis number, set the target range to the last 50 times, and press the "Predict" button, the following will be displayed.

MEGA7 example1

MEGA7 example2

This software is not a perfect prediction software because you have to predict the one number yourself using "UAE Emirates Draw MEGA7 winning numbers past 100 chart".

However, you can only predict the next one numbers to come out and the rest of the numbers can rely on past occurrence probabilities.

The number of times a number appears depends on the range of past data, so please compare the data with the last 20 times, the last 30 times, and the last 50 times.

(* All data are from September 25, 2021.)

This is a software that checks the compatibility of one number you predicted with other numbers.

Therefore, it can be said that it is a prediction support software, but I think that the probability of hitting is higher than it is by looking only at "UAE Emirates Draw MEGA7 winning numbers past 100 chart".

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